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Heart and mind

Anguish is a complex feeling. We experience it when mourning for a loved one who passes away. In some ways, we mourn for our past selves as well. I do. We all know that mistakes happen from time to time. We are told it is okay to make them so we may learn from them. […]

What physical pain teaches you

I feel not many people talk about it, but pain changes you. At least it has changed me. There are different kinds. There is physical pain, mental pain, and I would go so far as to say spiritual pain. Like many people, I have experienced pain. Still do in varying forms and degrees. As of […]

Green tea or coffee: what works for me

Recently, I made the switch from coffee to green tea for a few reasons. I think I’m just going to list those reasons below: Coffee has too much caffeine: When comparing the two, it seems 1 cup of coffee has 3x the amount of caffeine than 1 cup of green tea. For the last two […]

My experience with one meal a day (OMAD)

At one point in late December 2019, I became extremely sick and had lost almost 10 pounds in about 1 weeks time. I can’t remember if a back injury I had suffered from was the precursor to this weight loss, but it also occurred around that same time. During those two weeks, it felt like […]

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