It’s been a while…

Rob Pavacic

Not sure what to say here. I haven’t really written anything in the last few years.

Recently, I started realizing that the lack of writing may be the problem. That and a number of unaddressed internal conflicts I’ve subconsciously been avoiding. They’ve been manifesting themselves when I least expect them to.

So, I’ve decided to come back. Or at least try to get back to ‘me’. The ‘me’ who I was back then. I was so much happier then. Those memories have been resurfacing far too often and I think it’s time I start to deal with them.

The act of writing happened to coincide with those happier years. Is it weird to say they feel like yesterday and ages ago all at the same time? Whenever I wrote back then, it was around 3AM in the morning, but that was college so I don’t really have the luxury to do that anymore. I always felt my best writing was during those brief moments between wakefulness and sleep. These days, my mind can barely make it passed 10PM. 9-5PM really does a number on you creatively speaking.

I’m hoping writing again can help me find myself. My true self. Man, I’ve just been so tired that I can’t explain the feeling. It’s like my soul is burnt out. Like it’s been chasing something for so long that’s no longer there.


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