If I’ve learned anything from my line of work it’s that people don’t say what they mean, or do what they think. Deep down, hidden beneath the layer of text, words, and actions lies something else. Intention. Intentions are the precursors to our actions and words. I’m hoping to extrapolate intention out below by working […]

Make your 30s better than your 20s

It’s been a while, but I’m back. Last time I posted, I was a young, spry 29 year old. Thought I’d take some time today to put some thoughts on paper and reflect on turning 30 last year. Leading up to my birthday I was a little nervous like many are as they close the […]

Chasing closure

Closure. It’s a hell of a thing. Many chase finality in order to close a chapter of their lives. To me, closure is hunting for resolution so your heart and mind can both finally be at peace. I’m convinced closure is no where near the same as ‘moving on’. There is no ‘moving on’. To […]

Coming back to poetry

I started writing poetry when I was much younger. It was a writing medium I thought I would never get involved with, but it’s one of the few I keep coming back to again, and again. In some ways, it is extremely personal. Like keeping a diary, but sharing it with the world. Obviously, you […]

Heart and mind

Anguish is a complex feeling. We experience it when mourning for a loved one who passes away. In some ways, we mourn for our past selves as well. I do. We all know that mistakes happen from time to time. We are told it is okay to make them so we may learn from them. […]

“What is grief, if not love persevering?”

I’ve been watching all Marvel movies and tv shows non-stop as if I were studying for an exam. Something about Marvel stories speak to me in ways other movies and shows do not. This may be partly due to my history with watching Marvel. Ever since the first Iron Man movie premiered, I’ve tried to […]

What physical pain teaches you

I feel not many people talk about it, but pain changes you. At least it has changed me. There are different kinds. There is physical pain, mental pain, and I would go so far as to say spiritual pain. Like many people, I have experienced pain. Still do in varying forms and degrees. As of […]

Time, energy, and happiness

This was a hard truth for me to accept and it took me about 7 years. From the time I graduated college to about January of this year. I’ve come to the conclusion like some before me, that money can’t buy you happiness. What money can do though is buy you time. As humans, our […]

Green tea or coffee: what works for me

Recently, I made the switch from coffee to green tea for a few reasons. I think I’m just going to list those reasons below: Coffee has too much caffeine: When comparing the two, it seems 1 cup of coffee has 3x the amount of caffeine than 1 cup of green tea. For the last two […]

The texting era

My first phone was actually a blue, Motorola flip phone. Nobody born in the 2000s knows the pain of typing each number 2-3 times to choose a particular letter. But back then, I felt like the fastest ‘texter’ around on my flip phone. For some reason, my brain equated the action of texting on a […]

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